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Drummer, Composer,
Producer, Educator


Tempestas Vindicta

Jean John "Oasis" & Big Band RTV Slovenija


I believe in

the music

I believe that the music

is timeless.

I believe that the music

can change people’s lives.

I believe that the music

is a gift of nature and a medium for pure human expression.

I believe that the music

is born, lives and dies in every human being.

I believe that the music

exists without racial, national and gender related boundaries.

I believe that the music

should always be beautiful and sincere.

I believe that the music

is every human being’s right.

I believe that the music

should always tell a story and create an experience.

I believe that the music,

despite intangible to human hands, can move mountains.

I believe that the music

brings peace to the hearth and wisdom to the soul.

I believe that the music

can change people’s lives.

I believe in the power of music.

The Port of Life" is a unique audio-visual experience inspired by personal story. In 80 minutes of music, the listener transforms into a soul of an immigrant, who is on a journey of emotional flux trying to find, and establish the existence in a new culture.

Best described as a work of magical realism with a clear narrative, this is music that draws inspiration from jazz and classical worlds, here presented as a unity aiming only for beauty and expression. Created with honesty and open heart, this is a story dedicated to all the immigrants of this world.

Release of the album is planned for summer 2016.

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A large scale international and philanthropic “balkan-jazz” project was created in collaboration with national radio and television orchestra of Slovenia (Big Band RTV Slovenia)

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Born in cross-cultural capital of the world, the idea behind the project inspired by traditional music roots of Balkan regions together with strong influence of jazz language...

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Žan Tetičkovič Quintet

is a group that was created on bonds of close friendship and musical brotherhood. Influenced by music of hard and post bop...

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Geo Progulakis Trio

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Andrea Domenici NYC Trio

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The Port of Life

“The Port of Life” is a sonic experience in a style of magical realism, inspired by true storyline.

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Jean John, born Žan Tetičkovič on May 28th 1991 is a New York City based Slovenian drummer, producer, award winning composer and alumni of the prestigious music academy “The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music” where he has studied drums and composition with: Michael Carvin , Gil Goldstein, Rudy Palmer, Tyshawn Sorey, Chris Stover, Mark Guiliana, Gregory Hutchinson, Rodney Green, Amir Ziv, Obed Calvaire, Nasheet Waits, Dan Weiss and Drew Gress. As a bandleader, ever since moving to New York City in 2010, Zan has been involved in numerous stylistically various musical collaborations that span from straight ahead jazz, world music to electronic music and is known for being a versatile drummer and entrepreneur. In 2013, he developed a unique musical concept with his fellow classmate and a tambura virtuoso Filip Novosel, combining two worlds – traditional music from their homeland (Balkan music) and jazz. Together, they formed two highly successful groups; “The Balkan Jazz Trio” (a group held a two year weekly residence at the Club Balkanika in Manhattan) and a quintet “Balchemy” (with Francesco Geminiani, Martha Kato and Martin Doykin). With group Balchemy, Zan received a highly regarded Downbeat Student Music Reward for an outstanding performance and also performed as a main act in Marian’s Jazz Room in Bern, Switzerland. He is a winner of 2012 and 2014 “ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award”, winner of “Jazzon Master Award 2012″ and is also a recipient of a 2012 Jazzon Audience Award for best performance on the competition. Aside from performing and composing, he has been also active as teacher assistant (Chris Stover, Jane Ira Bloom), copyist (Reggie Workman, Jimmy Owens, Stefani DeKenessey) and a philanthropist (with the project Oasis and three concerts in May 2014, he raised over 10.000 $ for families in needs from his hometown, Ptuj). As a sideman and arranger, he has worked with important names on both, a New York City jazz scene (Yosvany Terry, Jazzmeia Horn, Lesedi Ntsane, Arun Luthra, Reggie Workman, Jane Ira Bloom, Steve Nelson) and a Slovenian jazz scene (Igor Bezget, Jure Pukl, Marko Črnčec, Lenart Krečič, Big Band RTV Slovenija, Ljubljanski Kvintet Saksofonov, Nina Strnad, Uroš Perič).

In 2014, he recorded his debut big band album “Oasis” with Big Band RTV Slovenija, on which he has featured special guests: Theodosii Spassov, Vlatko Stefanovski, Filip Novosel, Marko Črnčec and Milan Nikolič and has also recorded an album with a trio, led by Italian pianist Geo Progulakis and featuring Luca Rosenfeld on bass. In May 2015, he graduated from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music with academic honors and was also featured in an internationally acclaimed documentary (“Time to Improvise”) about Slovenian Jazz musicians living abroad. With saxophonist Jure Pukl and bassist Will Slater, he appeared at the Slovenian and Austrian embassies in Washington and has on behalf of an invitation by Slovenian ambassador Dr. Božo Cerar also performed at the opening of a honorary Slovenian consulate in New York City in November 2015 with his own quartet, featuring Jan Kus on saxophone. In January 2016, he premiered his new and so far the biggest project, “The Port of Life” – a personal story about immigration and acculturation, which he will release on his new album in the June of 2016.



Website published

19th may 2016

My new website jean-john.com is up and running!
My eternal gratitude and deep respect goes to two impeccable artists and good friends ...



With over six years of extended experience and his love for teaching and sharing, Jean John is a devoted pedagogue that creates an unique, fun and creative learning environment for every individual student. Possessing an extensive knowledge in wide array of percussion instruments and both traditional and modern drum kit, his lessons are a perfectly balanced combination of theoretical and practical pedagogical approaches which provide a solid foundation and a potential for a very steep learning curve for students of all levels. Aside for being a specialized percussionist, Jean John also possesses all around knowledge in classical and jazz theory, counterpoint and ear training.

Jean John is available either for Skype lessons or for one-on-one lessons in a wider New York City area from Monday to Saturday under negotiable rates.


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