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Žan Tetičkovič Quintet


57th Day


Žan Tetičkovič



Žan Tetičkovič

Lenart Krecic – tenor saxophone
Tomaž Gajst – trumpet
Marko Churnchetz – piano
Milan Nikolić – bass
Zan Tetickovic - drums

Žan Tetičkovič Quintet, is a group that was created on bonds of close friendship and musical brotherhood. Influenced by music of hard and post bop quintets of 1960 and 70’s, this is music that flows with the time and is directly addressing the issues of world occurrences. From hard-swing sections to heavy Cuban and Latin influenced grooving parts, this music projects high sonic energy that is thematically inspired by very diverse array of topics: from gangsterism and coca-leaf drinks to capitalism and multi cultural phenomenons.

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