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Oasis / Big Band

A large scale international and philanthropic “balkan-jazz” project was created in collaboration with national radio and television orchestra of Slovenia (Big Band RTV Slovenia)

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Born in cross-cultural capital of the world, the idea behind the project inspired by traditional music roots of Balkan regions together with strong influence of jazz language...

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Žan Tetičkovič Quintet

is a group that was created on bonds of close friendship and musical brotherhood. Influenced by music of hard and post bop...

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Geo Progulakis Trio

Influenced by 20th century composers and deeply rooted into jazz, the Geo Progulakis trio explores different interesting musical concepts...

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Andrea Domenici NYC Trio

In 2013, Domenici put together his own trio with two schoolmates from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music...

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The Port of Life

“The Port of Life” is a sonic experience in a style of magical realism, inspired by true storyline.

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